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1 ⭐️ 2 28:56 Female Cedar Park, TX 2° C 5K
2 🏆 24 32:24 Female Coon Rapids, MN 28° F
I was dashing through the snow, what could be better for an Elfie run?
3 🏆 14 36:51 Female Cibolo, TX
4 🏆 12 36:55 Female Derry , NH
5 🏆 21 37:52 Male Orland, CA 5K
A decent 5K on the treadmill
6 🌟 6 57:44 Female Oswego, IL
I ran this 10K on the treadmill because it was SNOWING outside! Aaaand it was cold. I guess winter is finally here!
7 🏆 17 2:10:51 Male Auburn, WA 30° F
Santa Runs Tacoma Half Marathon. Very cold and hilly run.

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 Derry , NH
Mom, wife, passionate about life and running. Be kind pay it f...
 Orland, CA
I have been running (or trying to be more active overall) sinc...
 Denver, CO
 Commerce City, CO
I love CAKE, coffee and running ;) I started running in 201...
 Cedar Park, TX
 Cibolo, TX
 Oswego, IL
 Commerce City, CO
 Coon Rapids, MN
I am a Duathlete. I enjoy running and biking around the lakes...
 Renton, WA
2008 weighed 220lbs & 38% Body Fat, I trained with a personal ...
 Franklin, VT
I am a Princess runner. My daughter got me started running abo...
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 Auburn, WA
I started my running journey in 2008. Since then I've ran 100+...