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1 ⭐️ 3 49:26 Female El Granada, CA
I got the whole family to “run” on our Tahoe trip, woohoo! Most of us walked... but it was a family affair ❤️

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 Paso Robles , CA
Momma Moffatt keeps these girls going, supporting them to be t...
 Paso Robles , CA
The leader of the Moffatt pack, and even performs in Nutcracker!
 Paso Robles , CA
Dancer for life! Squishy middle sister and a tops student... b...
 Paso Robles , CA
Littlest Moffatt with a big smile, a big heart, and a big pers...
⭐️ 3
 El Granada, CA
Running saved my life and my sanity... so I try to sucker othe...
 Paso Robles , CA
I'm the big sister! Photographer, college student, and pig mam...
 Paso Robles , CA
Crowned best Mom and Nana ever! Ever ever!